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wash and dry jeans properly

Preserve Your Favorite Denim: How to Wash and Dry Jeans Properly

Cooler weather means it’s jean season! (Let’s be honest, every season is jeans season). A great pair of jeans can be an investment piece that

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piles of sweaters

Sweater Weather: Washing Your Sweaters and Knits Right

It’s fall ya’ll, and that means sweater weather is here—a moment of silence for our sundresses and tank tops. The changing season doesn’t have to

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Shirts hanging on a clothesline outdoors

How to Air-Dry Clothes: The Dos and Don’ts of Air-Drying

The dryer has held a firm place in our homes and hearts for several generations, providing an easy, compact solution for drying our clothing. It’s

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Clothes hanging in closet

Laundry tips for a brighter wardrobe: How to preserve colors and fabrics with 3 easy tricks!

Never have I ever: dyed a white shirt blue? ???? You know when you buy a new outfit or something snazzy for work or an

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Sock and tie static to shirt

Say Goodbye to Clothes That Cling

We know that static cling can be a real hassle when it comes to wearing your favorite clothes. But fear not, because we’ve got some

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Folded towels

Laundry Hacks: Time-Saving Tips and Tricks for Busy People

There’s nothing like laundry day to make a busy person feel they’re about to short-circuit! You might think you’ve got your hands full with screaming

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Clean washing machine

Fresh and Fabulous: Simple Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Washing Machine and Dryer

Got a laundry mountain to conquer? We feel you! But amidst all the washing and drying, are you thinking it’s time to clean your washing

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A laundry basket filled with shoes

Laundry Basket Dos and Don’ts: Don’t Just Dunk It!

While we’re card-carrying members of the Laundry Haters Club, we can’t help but feel some sympathy for laundry baskets. At least washing machines and dryers

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christmas gifts

Give Santa the Night Off: 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for a Laundry-Free Holiday

Sure, you can appreciate the hand-knit sweaters from Grandma, the high thread-count sheets from your rich aunt, and even the no-nonsense 3-pack of socks from

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