How hampr began

Mar 1, 2022 | hampr News & Tips, Laundry Tips

Picture it. A suburban home in Lafayette, Louisiana circa 2018. 

Laurel Hess, president of a digital marketing agency and mom of two rambunctious boys, sits on her kitchen floor on a Saturday morning, surrounded by literal piles of laundry. She has just returned from a business trip, the boys have tee-ball, the tee-ball uniforms are buried somewhere in one of these piles with the grass stains from last week still hanging on for dear life. Her husband has been both working and keeping the boys alive and fed all week while she was out of town, so there is no food left in the refrigerator. On top of this chaotic homecoming, the Hess family also has three different birthday parties to attend this weekend. In short, it’s a typical Saturday morning in the Hess house.

And Laurel? She is Done. With a capital D. From the cold tile floor, she throws her hands in the air, waving a slightly-stained white undershirt like a flag of surrender. Laurel thinks to herself, “How will I ever get out from under this endless laundry monster?” 

But moms can’t ever truly be Done

Nope, they must soldier on and make all the magic mom things happen for their families. So, like it or not, it’s off to tee-ball—at two different fields, no less.

Sitting at the ballpark, Laurel is working on a grocery pick-up order on her phone between innings when she gets a text from a stay-at-home mom friend asking if there is an opportunity for extra work at her company. There wasn’t anything available at the time, but Laurel remembers thinking “No…but could you do my laundry?” She’d never actually ask her friend this…but what if? What if there was a laundry fairy on standby to lighten her laundry loads? A mom can dream, right?

After tee-ball times two and parties times three, Laurel is back home with groceries in tow and dinner planned, but there, still scattered across the kitchen floor, sits the item on her list that sits forever unchecked—the laundry monster. Laurel thinks it may have even grown while they were gone. How is she going to manage all these piles, plus dinner, plus kid stuff, plus rest? She thinks, “Groceries aren’t even the real pain point. If I wanted to skip grocery pickup, I could just order food from a restaurant and have it delivered. We can eat out for meals, but we NEED our laundry done.”

That’s when it hit her.

I can order my groceries online and have them brought to my door.

I can get food from a restaurant delivered to my house.

I can even summon a car to pick me up using an app.

Why can’t someone pick up my laundry and do it for me?

That Monday at work, Laurel presents the very beginnings of her idea to the team of partners at her marketing agency. To her delight, they think it’s genius…and hampr is born.

The rest, as they say, is history. And now thanks to hampr, laundry is history too.

Does Laurel’s struggle with laundry sound familiar? Sign up today and start your path to a life without the Laundry Monster!

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