Items We Can’t Accept

Dec 8, 2021 | hampr News & Tips, Laundry Tips

Look, we get it. You appreciate hampr’s convenient, high-quality laundry service so much that you want to stuff everything you own into your hamprs so it comes back washed, folded and returned by your favorite washr. Trust us, we’ve all been there. 

The way we see it, if you would put it in your washer or dryer, it’s likely that it can go in your hampr—with a few exceptions depending on your personal laundering style. Want to get your first order just right? We got you! Check out the following list of unaccepted items before you place your order and you’ll be living in laundry-free luxury in no time!


Overstuffed hamprs

We believe in quality over quantity. Though it may feel like you’re getting more bang for your buck stuffing your hampr, it isn’t doing you or your washr any favors. The contents of each hampr goes straight into the wash, which means an overstuffed hampr equals an overstuffed washing machine. In addition to your clothes not being washed properly, an overstuffed hampr results in multiple loads for our washrs instead of the one load designated by our pricing structure. This means an overstuffed hampr costs our washrs time and money. We value the high-quality work of our washrs too much to allow that to happen.

If a washr arrives to pick up your hampr order and determines that it is overstuffed, they reserve the right to refuse pick-up. Your order will then be canceled, and your account will be charged a $2.99 service fee. 

To avoid overstuffing, we recommend that you give your clothes some breathing room near the top of your hampr and all of your clothes are returned completely cleaned and neatly folded. 


Unaccepted Items

Although the machines our washrs use are up to hampr standards and size requirements, we still cannot accept the following items due to size, material and other factors: 

  • Pillows 
  • Comforters
  • Curtains
  • Commercial linens
  • Event tablecloths
  • Sofa covers 
  • Area rugs
  • Sleeping bags


Contaminated Items

We prefer our members pre-treat any existing stains before placing them in a hampr bag, so we cannot accept any items that have been contaminated with: 

  • Bodily fluids from a human or a pet
  • Excessive pet hair
  • Moisture from a damp or wet item
  • Bedbugs or lice
  • Poison ivy or poison oak oils
  • Cooking grease or motor grease
  • Hazardous chemical residue
  • Excessively soiled items with caked-on mud or dirt


Miscellaneous Items 

Despite hampr taking excellent care in your laundry, we cannot accept the following specialty care clothing items: 

  • Wedding dresses
  • Costumes
  • Hats and headwear
  • Shoes 


Additional Services 

If you would like your clothes returned on hangers, please make note of this in the special instructions and provide your own hangers. This will soon be an official service offering.

Stay tuned for the upcoming addition of a new feature: Same Day Delivery!  

Once you get the hang of how it works, you’ll be less worried about what can and can’t go in your hampr and more worried about what to do with all this free time you just gave yourself. We suggest a good baking show binge or a self-care session, you do you—we’ll do the laundry!

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