Moving Mayhem: Catching Up with Laurel

moving boxes

Looks like we maaaaade it! We are entering the slow days of summer.😎 No soccer practice to rush off to or theater rehearsal to scramble to. No corralling children and cajoling them to PLEASE HURRY UP AND PUT ON YOUR SHOES. No more of this particularly lovely exchange:

ME: “did you brush your teeth?”

CHILD: “You didn’t tell me to.”
ME: “You literally do it every day – why do you I have to tell you every time?!” 🙄

Now. You would think, “wow, Laurel, your summer sounds like it may be off to a great start. Super chill and lovely.”

And you would be half right.

Because I am enjoying the slower mornings…but I we also decided to move in a month’s time to a new state. And we’ve been in our house for 11 years. The amount of things we have accumulated is truly mind boggling.

My husband pulled a box of random things out of a closet as we are packing and asked me if I wanted to go through it.📦 No. No I do not. I haven’t SEEN that box in 5+ years. Whatever is inside is clearly non-existent to me. Directly in the trash.

At least I’m being more discerning that my sister-in-law who once tried to move a box of rocks. True story.

But it’s still wild to try to work full time, deal with kids at home (because we agreed they could skip out on camps- how shortsighted was that?!) and try to pack up our entire lives.

AND? AND. My husband has developed a new obsession with The Talking Heads – which is a new wave band from early 80s and has been the entire soundtrack of my summer thus far.

It’s….not my jam. But it’s keeping him sane so we’re going to allow it because the stress is real, y’all.

Things That are Making My Life:

Ok. Because we are moving and I’m really trying hard to not light a match 🧨 and walk away (kidding, insurance company, I would never!), we are finally getting rid of our frat-house style mismatched furnishings and I’m really excited about my new couch.

I ordered it from Costco because Costco is BAE. It’s a sectional with power recliners AND USB ports and cup holders. I keep fantasizing about the ability to lay weightless while watching all things Bravo. I cannot wait. Maybe instead of a moving countdown, I should have a countdown to my sofa time.

What I’m Looking Forward to:

Every year, we travel to Dallas to visit my sister and her family for the 4th of July. 🎆We always, always watch the hot dog eating contest and make fun of my sister gagging as she watches Joey Chestnut shove hot dog after hot dog into his mouth. BIts of bread sticking to his face. 🌭

Honestly, it makes my mouth water just thinking about it. And not in a good way.

But! It’s tradition and the cool thing about this tradition is that we will be living in Dallas after the move at the end of this month so instead of watching the hot dog contest, then fireworks, then trying to sleep in my nephew’s bed that is WAY too short for me, I get to toddle home around the corner and be reunited with my Dream Sofa.

I’m pretty excited about it.

So what I am doing instead of laundry this month?🧺Well, I’m moving. And trying to survive the fact that I’m the kind of packer who will pick up a ball of random cables and just shove them in a box and my husband…well. Is the exact opposite.

Till next month!

L 💙

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