we’re not a regular laundry service – we’re a cool laundry service.

Our at-home super washrs help us maintain exceptional quality of service because:

washrs are a single point of contact – know exactly who has your laundry at any given point. Other laundry services use a central processing facility & your laundry passes through many hands – meaning there are more
opportunities for errors.

Your laundry stays with YOUR laundry – with central processing facilities, your laundry is often sorted, tagged & washed in a commercial washing machine – with other people’s laundry.

We screen every washr — We run thorough background checks on each washr & we make sure their equipment meets our standards & size requirements.

washrs are highly motivated – being a washr provides a way to earn supplemental income for many who may not be able to leave their home for long periods of time.

super washrs