Hampr is proud of its relationships with Washrs and seeks to partner with professionals who meet and exceed customer expectations, follow industry norms, and comply with applicable legal requirements.

These Washr Account Access Guidelines are intended to ensure that Washrs and customers alike can use and enjoy the Hampr platform in a safe and professional manner. Failure to abide by these Guidelines may result in a Washr’s account being deactivated. Note that, in some instances, Hampr may need to investigate an issue before determining whether account deactivation is appropriate. In those situations, Hampr may temporarily suspend a Washr’s access to his/ her/ their account during the investigation.

Failing to Maintain a Safe Environment
The safety of Washrs and customers — and the public in general — is Hampr’s first priority. In order to foster a safe environment for Washrs and customers, Hampr does not permit activity on the platform that could injure others or create unsafe conditions. A Washr’s account may be deactivated as a result of any of the following actions:

  • Violence/Aggression, including:
    • Carrying a weapon while providing services through the App and while on the premises of a third party retailer or a customer location, unless state law expressly prohibits this restriction
    • Assault, violence or threats of violence
    • Aggressive gestures
    • Abusive or threatening mental or verbal treatment
    • Harassing customers regarding money, pay, or tips
  • Theft/Shoplifting
  • Profanity
  • Unwanted contact including but not limited to asking overly personal questions of customers, contractors, or employees of Hampr
  • Use of alcohol or drugs while providing services
  • Property damage while providing services
  • Conduct that is harassing or discriminatory in nature, e.g., offensive gestures, slurs, or other unwanted conduct based on any category protected by applicable law

Violation of Applicable Law or Regulation
Suspension or deactivation may result if a Washr violates federal, state, or local law or regulation while providing services through the Hampr platform. Examples include:

  • Breaking any local, state, or federal law while providing services through the Hampr platform
  • Failure to maintain adequate insurance

Issues with Background Checks
Hampr conducts background checks of Washrs to ensure that they meet safety standards. In accordance with applicable laws, Washrs are given the opportunity to address any background check issues that may arise, but Washrs who fail to meet the safety standards will be denied access to the platform. In cases where Hampr discovers after a Washr signs the Independent Contractor Agreement that the Washr fails to meet minimum safety standards, in accordance with applicable law, the Washr’s account may be subject to deactivation.

Failing to Meet Acceptable Standards of Service
Customers who use the Hampr platform expect quality service. Because of this, failure to maintain the following minimum standards of service may result in deactivation and, in some instance, can result in a reversal of a payout to the washr for service:

  • Providing services that lead to repeated customer complaints
  • Failure to adhere to industry norms with respect to laundry service, including but not limited to, failing to properly clean laundry, improper folding, losing laundry items, or delivering laundry with pet hair on it or offensive odors including, but not limited to: smoke, food, animal, mold, mildew, etc.
  • Repeated failure to deliver orders on time or to deliver a complete order, including:
  • Repeated failure to complete an order within a reasonable period of the time communicated to the customer
  • Failure to complete an accepted order

If you deliver late, have a complaint about your service and fail to uphold the hampr standards, you will not receive payment for the order. 

Confidentiality Breaches
Just as Hampr protects Washrs’ personal information, Washrs are expected to protect the personal information of customers on the platform. Confidentiality breaches can occur in a number of ways. For example, a Washr would breach the confidentiality provisions of the Independent Contractor Agreement by sharing the identity or address of a customer or another Washr, bringing any other person who does not have an Hampr Washr account along while providing services, or by taking screenshots of the Washr App while it is displaying customer information or other personally identifiable or sensitive information. In addition, the Washr App should not be used to text or communicate with customers on issues other than the customer’s order items, the status of order, or the manner of delivery.

Confidentiality breaches may result in deactivation from the platform and may also result in Hampr pursuing additional legal remedies. Using confidential and/or personal information of customers obtained through the Washr App to contact them outside of the Washr App for any reason not immediately related to a customer’s open order is a breach of a Washr’s confidentiality obligation under the Independent Contractor Agreement. Finally, in order to best protect the personal information of customers, Washrs must have a secure password on the mobile device to prevent unauthorized parties from accessing a customer’s personal information through the Washr App.

Fraudulent or deceptive practices on the platform can harm Washrs, Hampr, and customers. For that reason, the following acts may result in deactivation:

  • Encouraging others to participate in fraud or to disrupt the reliability of the platform
  • Holding duplicate Washr accounts
  • Providing inaccurate or fraudulent information to Hampr during the sign-up process or otherwise, including providing an invalid or fraudulent signature on the Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Failing to maintain accurate, complete, and current Washr account information
  • Any fraudulent activity conducted by a Washr through a customer or Washr account
  • The unauthorized use of Hampr’s trademark or intellectual property

The Washr Account Access Guidelines are not comprehensive, and Hampr reserves the right to suspend or deactivate a Washr’s account based on violations of the Independent Contractor Agreement or for other reasons as deemed necessary in Hampr’s reasonable and good faith business judgment to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the Hampr platform. We will update the Guidelines as necessary and keep the updated version posted.