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hampr connects washrs (a.k.a. our personal heroes) with users to deliver fresh, folded clothes right to their front door! *swoon*

Whether you’re looking to supplement your income or fund your dreams, you can make extra money in your spare time by washing and folding while you go about your daily life.

Being a washr is perfect for retirees, stay-at-home parents and people who work remotely. At hampr, you create your own schedule, decide how much you want to make and only take on loads when you want.
Seriously—it’s that easy.

Everything washrs need to wash. earn. repeat. is provided here in the washr how-to guide.

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frequently asked questions

what are the requirements?

hampr washrs must:

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • be able to pass a general background check
  • have a valid U.S. driver’s license and auto insurance
  • have access to a reliable vehicle
  • be able to lift 20-30 pounds
  • have an iPhone (iOS 10 or newer) or Android (5.1 or newer) smartphone
  • have a washing machine that is at least 4.2 cubic feet

how does it work?

When hampr users place an order in the app, eligible washers will be notified and allowed to “claim” an order.  

To claim an order, make sure to tap “claim” twice. Tap, wait until the gradient fills, then tap again.

If you claim an order, you must pick up the user’s hampr(s) during their indicated pick-up window and deliver their clean, folded laundry within the following 24-hour drop-off window.

Please only claim orders that you know you can complete in the time allowed. Multiple order reassignment requests, late pick up or drop off without contacting support, or failure to fulfill an order will affect your status as a washr for hampr.

will I need to supply detergent and fabric softener?

All hampr washrs will be required to use Dropps detergent. hampr has a special partnership with Dropps detergent that offers our washrs their eco-friendly detergent at a deeply discounted price. Detergent can be automatically ordered and delivered on a requested schedule for your convenience. You will have full control over how much detergent you need and can adjust it at any time!

At times, members may decide to include their own detergent or fabric softener in a specially-lined pocket within their hampr—this choice will be indicated on the order. If a member does not provide their own detergent, Dropps must be used.

why does my washing machine need to be at least 4.2 cubic feet?

Each of our hamprs is designed to hold up to 4.2 cubic feet of laundry, a typical full load. Check your washing machines’ model number, which will provide you with the size of your machine. If your washing machine is less than 4.2 cubic ft, this may not be the side gig for you as you’ll need to do multiple loads for a single hampr.

what are hampr's COVID-19 policies?

During this time of uncertainty, hampr is still taking on orders with additional precautions in place.

The safety of both our members and washrs is our topmost concern. While sanitation and cleanliness are always our main priority, we have taken on additional precautions during this time.

We ask all washrs that if you, or your family, have gotten diagnosed with or experienced symptoms of COVID-19, to please wait two weeks before using hampr services.

We have asked that all washrs:

  • Wash their hands in between each time they handle clothes (from hampr to washer, washer to dryer, and dryer to folding).
  • Sanitize their folding space between each order (which many of them already do!).

We also recommend that members change their order preferences to wash and dry their clothes at the highest temperature that their clothes can handle.

Our hampr bags have an antimicrobial treatment – not only does this help ward off odors but it also inhibits the growth of bacteria.

If you should have any specific concerns or questions, please reach out to our support team via the chat feature of the app or email us at [email protected].

What is hampr Lite?

hampr Lite will be an option for users to “try it before they buy it”. Lite users can get started living their best laundry-free life ASAP by utilizing kitchen bags for pickup and delivery without being tied to an annual membership.

Can someone stay on Lite forever?

Technically, yes. However, we are confident that once a user tries out our services, they’ll convert to a Loaded membership & say bye-bye to kitchen bags forever! Loaded members receive additional perks that Lite members won’t have access to such as promo codes, access to same-day service, receipt of 4 antimicrobial bags, & more!

I arrived to pick up an order, and there are kitchen bags instead of hamprs! What should I do?

Easy peasy! Simply process the order as you normally would. The bags should include printed QR codes attached, or a handwritten note with their 4-character QR code. If they do have the actual code, scan them in to mark the order as picked up. If there are no QR codes or there are handwritten codes, send a message to the support team through the chat feature of your app so they can manually scan them in. (ex. ‘I’ve picked up 3 bags for member John Doe that do not have QR codes. Please scan them in. Thanks!’) 

In either scenario, we suggest using a permanent marker to label the bag with the customer’s last name. This is especially important if you are processing multiple kitchen bag orders at once so you can stay organized.

Can I share my promo code with someone interested in hampr Lite?

Promo codes are discounts on the annual membership fee for Loaded members, therefore Lite users can not benefit from them (since they don’t pay a membership fee). However, we hope you continue to share your promo code with everyone! If you have an order for a Lite user, we encourage our washrs to leave your promo code included in your thank-you card so the user can sign up for a membership using your discount code. New members will receive a $10 discount & washrs will receive a $20 bonus! Cha-ching!!

If you do not yet have a promo code please email Kate at [email protected]

How do I scan in a kitchen bag or Lite order?

Just like you would a normal hampr order! Open your washr app, click on the order, & scan to pickup!

What bags should I have to service Lite or new Loaded members?

We recommend stocking unscented 13-gallon blue recycling bags for all Lite/Loaded kitchen bag orders. White bags are acceptable if that’s what you have on hand, but when it’s time to restock we hope you’ll go blue for hampr! 

What bags should I have to service Lite or new Loaded members?

We recommend stocking unscented 13-gallon blue recycling bags for all Lite/Loaded kitchen bag orders. White bags are acceptable if that’s what you have on hand, but when it’s time to restock we hope you’ll go blue for hampr! 

How do I service kitchen bags with no labels? (ie: How do I wash an order with no preferences?)

The bonus to having the QR code printed (& the hampr bags, of course!) is that users are able to specify their washing and drying preferences. If someone does not label their bags with this information, washrs simply don’t have a way to know which bag was supposed to go with which washing preference in the app. We know this could get confusing and we do not want to cause any extra work for you! To simplify the process, orders that fit this scenario can be washed in cold water and dried on regular heat. Users and members will be notified that their preferences may not be followed if the bags are not properly labeled.

How much will I make on a Lite order?

Per the Independent Contractor agreement, hampr will pay washrs 70% of the baseload price (Market dependent) plus the $0.25 convenience fee per load. hampr Lite users will pay a premium fee that equals half the baseload price (Market dependent).

how much can I make per load?

Our washrs are paid 70% of what we charge per hampr/load. hampr also charges a service fee on orders less than 4 hamprs, washrs will receive a portion of that fee as well. Plus, washrs keep 100% of all tips!

*Prices per load are dependent on the market location; price per load ranges from $10-15 depending on market area.  

how far will I have to drive?

That is up to you! You have the ability to claim your orders, meaning you only have to drive as far as you feel comfortable.

how often will I get paid?

Our washrs enjoy weekly payouts that are deposited directly into your bank account. Cha-ching!

Payouts are weekly and are delivered to washr bank accounts by Friday. Please note that our payment processor typically initiates the transfer on Thursday. For example: if you picked up an order on Wednesday and returned Thursday, it won’t show up in your account until the following Friday. Your payment will be removed from “earnings” on Thursday evenings, and you will get paid on Friday.

I have allergies or someone in my family has allergies. Can I be a washr?

Though Dropps’s scent-free, dye-free pods are included with hampr orders, our members occasionally send their own detergent, pods, and fabric softener. Due to this, our hampr washrs with all types of detergents and fabric softeners. hampr members may also have pets that may affect you or a family member’s allergies. If you’re concerned that these items may affect you or your family, this may not be the gig for you.

I do not smoke but someone in my household does. Can I still be a washr?

We ask that our washrs are non-smokers. hamprs should NEVER be exposed to cigarette smoke at any time. If someone in your household smokes anywhere in your home or vehicle, the scent will affect the hamprs and their contents.

If a member complains about their items having a smoke odor, we then offer the member a rewash with a different washr. If we are able to confirm that the order has a smoke scent, the original washr will not be paid for the order and their account will be closed immediately. 

Bottom line, if you are a smoker or someone in your household smokes, you cannot be a hampr washr.

What is hampr Loaded?

hampr Loaded is our full membership option that is what you’re accustomed to now. Converting users to a Loaded membership is always the end goal!

Can a Lite user favorite me?

Yes, they can! You can be favorited whether your customer is a Lite user or Loaded member!

Can any member use kitchen bags?

Yes, Lite users will use kitchen bags indefinitely (or until they signup for a Loaded membership which is the goal!). Loaded members are also able to use kitchen bags either while waiting for their hamprs to arrive or as needed during their membership.

How do I know if a Lite or kitchen bag order is overstuffed?

Great news is that kitchen bags, by design, actually hold less capacity than our standard hampr bags. Our bags are designed to fit 4.2 cu ft capacity (to ensure that the contents fit nicely in the average-sized washing machine) and 13-gallon kitchen bags are designed to hold approximately 1.74 cu ft capacity. This should mean that kitchen bag orders are no more difficult or time-consuming to process than standard hampr bag orders. Score!

What do I do if a Lite user used the wrong size kitchen bag for their order?

Yikes! We hope that doesn’t happen, but if it does we ask that you reject the order at pickup by notifying the support team through the chat feature in your app. Kitchen bag orders should only be in 13-gallon bags. Anything larger than that absolutely should be rejected. All rejected orders will pay out the standard rejection fee.

Why is there a QR code on a bag? How do I scan it?

All kitchen bags should have a QR code printed & attached by the user for two reasons. 1) So that the washr can scan the order as picked up and delivered. 2) So that the washr knows the washing & drying preferences. You’ll scan this code through your washr app just like a normal hampr bag!

How do I label a bag without a QR code?

Not everyone has a working printer at home to print/attach QR codes themselves. If that happens and you arrive at a pickup that has a bag without a QR code, please alert the support team so that the order can be scanned in as picked up. Next, use a permanent marker to write the last name of the customer on the bag. This is especially important if you are processing multiple kitchen bag orders at once so you can stay organized.

What items should I have to service Lite or kitchen bag orders?

Washrs should stock unscented 13-gallon blue recycling bags for both Lite and Loaded orders for returning freshly cleaned & folded laundry, a permanent marker to label the bags, & of course, Dropps!

Can a member pick me to be their personal washr?

Not technically, BUT members have the option to FAVORITE their favorite washrs and BLOCK their not-so-favorites through the hampr app. If you are on a member’s FAVORITES list, then you will get the notification of the order first! Members are also able to BLOCK washrs that have not knocked their socks off. Literally. BLOCKED washrs will not get notifications nor see the order in available orders.

Do you have a Facebook group just for washrs?

We do! Join our hampr washr community!

This is a group where hampr washrs can connect with each other to ask questions, gain support, discuss schedules, get tips, voice concerns, or just discuss the service as a whole. hampr HQ team members are also in the group and available to answer questions or provide feedback. We encourage open and healthy discussions on our page! The page is for active washrs only. Please note you may be removed from the group if you have not washed for 60 days.

Do you have a referral program?

We do! It is a great way for you to earn extra cash while letting your community know about hampr. For each member that signs up using your code, you’ll receive $20, while they’ll receive $10 off their membership! If you are a current, active washr, please send an email to [email protected] to request a promo code.

your steps to becoming a washr:

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