You do you.
We’ll do the laundry.

On-demand laundry service at the push of a button.
Now available in the app store.

how it works

three magical steps


create a membership

Once you download the  hampr app, create your membership. Your first 4 hamprs will be delivered to you as soon as possible.


schedule a pick up

Once you receive & fill up your hamprs, you can schedule a pick up window in the app – our washrs will do your laundry according to your preferences!


kick back & relax

Your hamprs will be returned  to your door the following day – fresh, folded and ready to be put away! Or not…you do you.


$39 per year* – the first year comes with 4 custom-designed pop-up hamprs

*membership required to use the service


$10-15 per load* for
wash and fold
(1 hampr = 1 load)

*price dependent on market location

*There is a $2.99 service fee for orders with 3 hamprs or less. This service fee is waived for select hampr Preferred Properties. 



Your washr will pick up and deliver your laundry right to your door – at no additional cost!


Choose from 3 time windows (Morning, Lunch and Evening) 7 days a week – so laundry day can be any day!


Your order will arrive the following day during the same time window it was picked up in.


You can customize your exact preferences in our app – each load can have different preferences so your laundry is done exactly the way you like it.


Our washrs are thoroughly background checked and their equipment is vetted. Our high standard of quality and strict ratings system ensures that we only have the best of the best handling your laundry.


we’re not a regular laundry service – we’re a cool laundry service.

Our at-home washrs help us maintain exceptional quality of service because:

washrs are a single point of contact – know exactly who has your laundry at any given point. Other laundry services use a central processing facility & your laundry passes through many hands – meaning there are more
opportunities for errors.

Your laundry stays with YOUR laundry – with central processing facilities, your laundry is often sorted, tagged & washed in a commercial washing machine – with other people’s laundry. 

We screen every washr — We run thorough background checks on each washr & we make sure their equipment meets our standards & size requirements.

washrs are highly motivated – being a washr provides a way to earn supplemental income for many who may not be able to leave their home for long periods of time.


Our standard detergent is Dropps – the original laundry pod. It’s eco-friendly and safe for the most sensitive skin.

Delicate Safe

Dropps is gentle enough for delicates – it won’t shrink, fade or stretch your clothes

Fragrance Free

We use scent-free Dropps – no perfumes or fragrances

Sensitive Skin Approved

Dropps is hypoallergenic – it’s safe for babies or anyone with sensitive skin or allergies

Chemical Free

Dropps does not contain any dyes, chlorine, phosphates, enzymes or brighteners


Just the facts – none of the fluff

How do I sign up?

Download the free hampr app on iOS or Android by accessing the app store. Once you download the app, it will take you through the steps to create a membership.

When will I receive my hamprs?

Your membership kit contains your first 4 hamprs. It typically arrives within 3-6 days from the creation and payment of your membership.

Do I have to be home?

Nope! Just leave pick up / drop off instructions when you place your order and your washr will take care of the rest. Many of our customers leave their order on the front porch or behind a back gate – no need to be home.

Great News!

You’re in one of our markets. Follow the simple instructions in our app to sign up today.

Coming Soon!

Oooo, we are SO CLOSE to launching in your city! We just need a few more downloads in your area — tell your friends to download the app, and we’ll bump your city up the launch list!

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