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the new way to not do laundry.

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is your laundry pile more like a mountain?  you’re not alone.
What if we said you never have to worry about forgetting to switch your laundry over or folding your seemingly endless pile of clean clothes ever again?

Yeah, you heard us—never again.

Laundry Service
did you know that the average household washes more than 50 pounds of laundry per week? that’s a lot of dirty laundry.
It’s time to clear off your kitchen table, treadmill, sofa – or wherever your clothes accumulate. It’s time to reclaim laundry day. And with hampr, it’s possible.

hampr is an on-demand, magical (trust us on this one) laundry service that will pick up your laundry and return it fresh and folded, right to your front door, within 24 hours. And did we mention that our flat-rate, no-nonsense pricing is based per load, not pounds — making it easier than ever for your laundry to go from piled to put-up in no time.

Hampr Logo


Separate your laundry and fill your hampr bag or two…or three.
Washing Machine


Leave your hampr(s) out and a washr will pick up your order to be washed and folded. You? You can do anything you want—you’re an adult! 
Folded Laundry


By the next day, you’ll receive clean, folded laundry delivered right to your front door – LIKE MAGIC!

Super cleaning power with safe ingredients
We know that the detergent you use is important. It needs to be effective but also safe for many users.

That’s why we teamed up with Dropps – the inventor of the laundry pod.

Our washrs utilize their safe, plant-based detergent to give you a powerful punch of clean without fillers, dyes, or synthetic ingredients.

While we do allow a way for you to provide your own detergent, we also wanted to make sure that our standard detergent was exceptional and addressed common sensitivity issues.

download now —
and have your dreams come true.

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frequently asked questions

how does it work?

One hampr = one load. Fill our provided hamprs and create an order on the app—our washrs will take care of the rest! By the following day, you’ll get freshly fluffed and folded clothes delivered right to your door. Sounds pretty amazing, right?


how much does it cost?

To use our platform, you’ll need to purchase an annual membership for $39 per year. Your first year of membership comes with four of our custom designed hamprs. For wash and fold service, the price in our launch market of Lafayette, LA is currently $10 per load. One hampr = one load.


what about stains or color sorting?

You handle all of that on your end! Just sort your laundry (if that’s how you roll) into separate loads and fill up your hamprs—you decide what gets washed together. If you have stains or need something treated, we recommend that you pre-treat it before adding it into a hampr.

what if I use a special detergent?

Each hampr is equipped with a lined pocket for you to supply your own detergent or fabric softener. If you’d like to use a specific product, simply add it to your hampr pocket and note it on the app so your washr is aware.

what about dryer sheets?

At this time, if you would like a dryer sheet to be used in your order then you will need to provide one in the hampr pocket. Our default detergent, Dropps, has a fabric softener included already – and it’s better for the environment! 


what can I include in the hampr?

If you wash and dry it – it goes in the hampr! Dream big.
ready to never do laundry again?