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How hampr works

The hampr app = laundry clean and folded at your door

Life has so many “to do” items, and even if laundry is just one more thing—sometimes you just need one *less* thing so you have space to breathe. Enter hampr.

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Download the app & sign up​

Sign up for Loaded or stay Lite.​

Get the hampr app for iOS or Android and pick a plan. Our Loaded plan’s $39 annual membership gives you the best perks and discounted price per load, while Lite lets you stay non-committal and pay per load.

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Throw your clothes in a kitchen bag or hampr

One 13-gallon kitchen bag = 15lbs of laundry

No more dragging laundry baskets around the house—hampr uses non-flex 13-gallon kitchen bags. Just take a few seconds to run around the house and stuff your dirty clothes into a bag. Or use our eco-friendly, pop-up hamprs with scannable QR codes for a seamless order experience. Yes, it’s that easy, and that fast. 

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Leave your clothes at the door

Let our washrs know a convenient time to pick them up.​

Hop on the app and let our washrs know when to pick up your clothes. You can pick morning, lunch, afternoon or evening pickup. Your washr will pick up your clothes right from your door—you don’t even have to go outside.

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Our dedicated washrs work their magic!

Your clothes are washed and folded by a laundry pro.

One of our highly-rated washrs will clean your clothes with top-quality detergent. We vet our washrs carefully—so you’re supporting a member of the community dedicated to doing great work.

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Get your clothes clean & folded

Next day turnaround

Imagine clean clothes, folded, smelling great, and ready to wear, delivered right back to your door. That’s the reality when you let hampr usher you into a laundry-free life.

hampr Loaded™ Annual Membership

Our annual plan gives you the lowest price per load.

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Get hampr Loaded™ on the app.

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Get hampr Loaded™ on the app.

Pick a plan and say goodbye to the laundry blues.

Hop on the hampr app and get started. Whether you want to take care of one or two emergency loads in a pinch or sign up for hampr Loaded™ to take care of laundry for the whole year, your laundry will be taken care of by pros. Now, you can do ANYTHING but laundry.

Our washrs are game changers

5 Stars

Honestly the best ever! Everything is clean and well-folded. The washr did an amazing job, and I am so grateful for the care and attention to detail that was put into my order.

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Skylar R.

5 Stars

Jessie is a superstar! She went above and beyond to make sure my laundry was delivered to me, despite the challenges she faced with my apartment complex. I am so grateful for her dedication.

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Ryan M.

5 Stars

Dayla is a lifesaver! She is so quick and efficient, and I feel like I am getting control of my laundry for the first time in ages. Thank you for making my life easier.

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Kelsey P.

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Enjoy the convenience of our hampr Loaded membership for only $39, with a discounted load price, or choose our commitment-free option at a standard $15 per load. Download the hampr app now and simplify your laundry routine!

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Get hampr Loaded™ on the app.

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Get hampr Loaded™ on the app.