Why hampr?

A few of the reasons our customers LOVE hampr

The all-around-best, top-quality, most affordable way to get laundry out of your life—hampr is here to get you out of the laundry room and back to what you care about.

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No weighing or guesswork

Unlike other laundry services, there’s no need to weigh your clothes. hampr is priced by load, meaning your costs will always be predictable.

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An easy, breezy laundry app

Our app comes with handy unique features like preset load types, Reorder My Order features, and washr Favorites so that you can get your laundry out the door and to your favorite washr fast.

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Top-notch service from vetted washrs

Your clothes stay with your clothes. Our expert washrs wash, dry, and fold laundry by the load — which means your clothes (and only YOUR clothes) stick together.

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Once your washr is finished, they’ll deliver your laundry washed and folded right to your door. Now that you’ve got fresh clean clothes for you and your family—you can move on to doing something (anything) else.

Buried in a never-ending pile of laundry? No problem.​

hampr is here to make a laundry-free life easy and affordable. We’ve worked hard to source only the best washrs and build an easy, breezy app. You do life, we’ll do laundry.

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Download the hampr app

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Download the hampr app

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Check for service near you and get a flat price per load.

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Get hampr Loaded™ on the app.


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