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At hampr, we specialize in providing top-tier laundry services specifically designed for short-term rental and vacation property managers. Our goal is to ensure your properties always offer the luxurious, clean linens that guests expect, enhancing their stay and your ratings.


Why Choose hampr for Your Rental Properties

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Turnkey Service

Free yourself from the logistics of linen management. hampr offers streamlined laundry solutions that integrate seamlessly with your property’s booking calendar, ensuring fresh linens are always ready for new guests.

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Quality + Care

In the vacation rental business, the cleanliness of your linens is a direct reflection of your property’s quality. hampr uses advanced cleaning techniques and high-quality detergents to deliver spotless, hygienically clean towels and sheets, ensuring every guest enjoys a 5-star experience.

How hampr Simplifies Laundry for Vacation Rentals

Using hampr at your properties is easy: 

Turnkey Scheduling

Scheduling with hampr is a breeze. Our flexible app allows you to align laundry pickups and deliveries perfectly with your rental’s check-in and check-out times, ensuring no guest is ever left wanting for fresh linens.

Customized Cleaning Solutions

Every property is unique, and so are your laundry needs. Whether you require specific detergents, have special care instructions, or need linens folded a certain way to fit into bespoke storage solutions, hampr caters to these needs, ensuring each property’s linens are cared for exactly as specified.

Transparent Communication

Stay informed from pickup to delivery with hampr’s transparent communication. We provide regular updates on the status of your laundry, so you’re never left wondering whether linens will be ready in time for your next guests.

The Benefits of Partnering with hampr

Enhanced Guest Experience

First impressions are lasting. With hampr’s pristine linens and towels, your guests are guaranteed to feel the luxury and care you’ve invested in their comfort, leading to glowing reviews and increased repeat bookings.

Time and Cost Efficiency

By outsourcing your laundry needs to hampr, you save valuable time and resources that can be better spent on other aspects of managing your properties. Let us handle the linens while you focus on growing your business and enhancing guest services.

Scalable for Any Size Portfolio

Whether you manage a single vacation home or dozens of properties, hampr’s services scale to meet your needs. Our flexible, reliable laundry solutions are designed to support property managers at every level, ensuring you can deliver a consistent, high-quality experience across all your rentals.

Meet some of our washrs:

hampr washr


Fairhope, AL

“I love to do laundry, and love to share this love by helping others. One of the things I use my money for is my mission work in Guatemala.”

hampr washr


Hoover, AL

“Who said guys can’t do laundry? Retired Air Force husband/dad who enjoys washing clothes for my family. I joined the hampr team because it allows me to serve others by doing something that I enjoy.”

hampr washr


Gonzales, LA

“The reason I hampr is to save for our IVF treatments. I love laundry it’s one of my favorite house duties! so why not get extra cash while doing it!”

Ready to learn more?

Ready to revolutionize your short-term rental’s linen service? Contact hampr today to see how our tailored laundry solutions can help enhance your property’s guest experience. With our help, you can ensure that every guest enjoys the comfort and luxury they deserve. Let’s elevate your property together.


Outsourcing to Gig Workers: The New Standard for SMBs

For people who run SMBs (small and medium businesses), time is their most precious commodity. Every minute spent on non-core tasks is a minute that could otherwise be spent growing the business. These “non-core” tasks are things like laundry in a spa. They’re essential…


  • We offer transparent pricing on a per load basis. You will always know how much your laundry will cost – no surprises! 
  • There may be discounts available based on your quantity, frequency, and ease of process. Please connect with one of our representatives to discuss in detail.
  • We are ready to start processing your commercial linen needs of all kinds including:
    • Towels
    • Sheets
    • Aprons
    • Washcloths
    • Blankets
    • Uniforms
    • Clothes
    • Pillowcases 
    • Tablecloths
    • And More
  • We cannot accept orders contaminated by the following:
    • Soiled bedding or clothing
    • Human or pet soil (urine, feces, blood, vomit, etc.)
    • Bed bugs, lice, or any other insects
    • Hazardous chemical residue
    • Drug paraphernalia
  • Our standard detergent that is included is a scent-free, dye-free detergent pod. Prefer to use your own detergent? No problem! You can include your own pod in a plastic bag, or note that you’ll be sending liquid detergent in its own bottle or a separate container. *NEW* add-on feature – Gain-scented detergent now available.
  • At this time, hampr provides Dropps detergent pods which have a fabric softener included already — and it’s better for the environment! We also provide standard laundry bleach. If you’d like a different detergent, bleach treatment, or fabric softener, you’ll need to provide them with your order.

We understand that many members have a favorite detergent! You can include your own pods in a ziplock bag, or note that you’ll be sending liquid detergent in its own bottle or a separate container.

Our washrs will inspect your linens as they process them and will spray stains with a liquid pre- treatment. If the stains do not come out in the wash, they will be placed in a separate bag for you to inspect upon completion.

Our members agree, the “hampr way” is the BEST way! We take a retail approach to our folding — utilizing tips and tricks from major retailers — to minimize wrinkles and easily transition from the bags back to your place of business. All of our washrs are provided with instructional videos on how to fold the “hampr way”. Prefer a different method? No problem. Just let us know your favorite way to fold in your meeting with your dedicated account manager.

  • In the rare event that something is damaged during our care, we will work with you to ensure that we can make it right. If the item is damaged, please send photos to our Support Squad by emailing support@tryhampr.com. If an item is damaged, we will reimburse you up to the full value of the item in accordance with our terms and conditions.


Damages related to normal wear and tear will not be covered, including:

  • Color fading
  • Shrinkage
  • Piling
  • Inability to remove existing stains

hampr is not liable for damage caused due to incorrect preferences set by the member (i.e. washing something on hot when it should have been washed on cold, etc.)

In order to receive reimbursement for damaged items must be reported to our customer experience team within seven (7) days of the delivery of the order.

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