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About hampr

The easy, breezy laundry service

hampr was created out of a desperate need to solve the laundry dilemma—by laundry haters, for laundry haters.

Meet Laurel, hampr’s founder

Say hello to Laurel Hess, the laundry heiress behind hampr, the life-saver app-based, on-demand laundry service that turns laundry day into a thing of the past. With a tribe of over 1,500 rockstar “washrs” spread all over the country, hampr is the superhero that saves you from laundry woes.

The idea for hampr came after a chaotic weekend with kid sports games and 3 birthday parties. On top of that, there was still grocery shopping, cleaning the house, and oh, spending meaningful time with the family. Laurel was over it. So she thought “Hold on, why can’t laundry be as easy as ordering groceries with a tap of your phone?” And just like that, bam! hampr was born in 2020.

Meet our amazing washrs

Did you know that 85% of our fantastic washrs are stay-at-home superheroes and retirees with a secret love for laundry? Yeah, that’s right! They’re not just any ordinary folks; they’re the dream team who’ll pick up your laundry in our trusty “hamprs” and return them fresh, clean, and folded within 24 hours. We even have the tech smarts to perform background checks, ’cause we care about your AirPods, your cash, and your four-legged friends (yep, we found a stowaway cat once!).

Join the hampr family

Oh, and let’s not forget the perks of being part of the hampr family! We are always brewing up enhancements. We’re talking same-day magic, a scented detergent option to cater to your unique needs (or bring your favorite if you’re the picky type) and hanging your fancy threads that are too good for your drawers.

Follow our blog

Follow the hampr blog to get all the juiciest laundry secrets, like why sorting by color is a yes, when we really have to wash the sheets, and the no-go zone for leaving clothes wet in the washer (we’ve all been there, guilty as charged!).

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hampr's laundry magic goes national

Guess what? The world’s catching on to our laundry magic! We’re part of the elite Techstars Austin accelerator program, and we’ve got a shiny “Small Business of the Year” award from Junior Achievement. We’re spreading our fabulousness to over 16 states, from Texas to Washington, DC, and everywhere in between. Over 11,000 members can’t get enough of hampr, and we’ve done a mind-blowing 300,000 loads of laundry (or 4.7 million pounds for our paid-by-the-pound competitors trying to do the math).

Join the hampr family, and let us take care of the laundry. We are here to sprinkle some laundry joy into your life. We’re all about making laundry fun, fast, and fabulous, so you can focus on rocking your superhero cape! Laundry? Pfft, not a problem when you’ve got hampr by your side!

People like you are getting their time back.

Over 348,000 loads of laundry or as our competitors like to say 5.2 million pounds of laundry with a 4.9 star average
5 Stars

I’m grateful, beyond words, for your service for when I needed it. I love hampr so much. Thank you for being there when I need you!

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Cassidy L.

5 Stars

With juggling a newborn baby and both of us having full time jobs, we’ve been seeking out whatever help we can get with other life responsibilities. We started using hampr and it has been worth every penny!

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Courtney J.

5 Stars

I can’t believe how great my laundry smells! The washr did an amazing job, and I am so grateful for the care and attention to detail that was put into my order.

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Sarah M.

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