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Get paid to do laundry with hampr

hampr is an on-demand laundry service app that connects busy individuals with local washrs who can take care of their laundry needs. As a washr, you’ll have the opportunity to be your own boss, set your own schedule, and earn money on your own terms.

Turn Weekends Into Paydays: Join Our Team!

At hampr, weekends are bustling with activity, and we need dedicated individuals like you to join our squad of weekend superstars! Here’s why becoming a weekend washr with hampr is an opportunity you don’t want to miss:

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Embrace Flexible Earnings

Balance Work and Life: Seizing weekend earning potential, all without compromising your weekday commitments.

Earn While Others Relax

Maximize Your Earnings: Weekends are our busiest days, meaning more opportunities for you to earn extra income. With a steady stream of orders coming in, you'll have the chance to boost your earnings and reach your financial goals faster.

Set Your Own Weekend Vibe

Work on Your Terms: Say goodbye to rigid schedules and hello to a weekend vibe that suits your lifestyle. Whether you prefer to start early or work late, hampr empowers you to choose the hours that work best for you.

Perks of being a washr

Join our washr squad

If you are ready to join our washr squad, there are a few things you’ll need to have in order.

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • A valid U.S. driver’s license
  • Required to pass a background check
  • Access to a reliable vehicle is necessary to carry out the job requirements
  • Capable of lifting weights ranging from 20-30 pounds and able to climb stairs – safety is our top priority
  • Non-smoker living in a smoke-free household
  • iPhone (iOS 10 or newer) or Android (5.1 or newer) smartphone to stay connected with our platform
  • A washing machine that is at least 4.2 cubic feet is mandatory to ensure we deliver quality service

What our washrs love about working with hampr

5 Stars

I enjoy working as a washr with hampr because it gives me the freedom to work at my own pace and set my own schedule. Building connections with my clients is also a great experience. We always communicate, and I’ve actually made some fun friendships

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Skylar R.

5 Stars

I enjoy being a washr with hampr because it gives me the opportunity to go to different places each time. I don’t feel like I’m stuck doing the same thing and going the same places every day. And eating snacks in between washes is always a plus!

Icon of dad

Ryan M.

5 Stars

I feel valued and respected as a washr with hampr. The support staff I’m in contact with and the clients we serve always show appreciation for our work. Helping others out and taking care of their laundry the way they like also gives me a sense of satisfaction.

Icon of granny

Kelsey P.​


Read frequently asked questions about being a washr.

When hampr members place an order in the app, eligible washrs will be notified and allowed to “claim” an order.

If you claim an order, you must pick up the user’s hampr(s) during their indicated pick-up window and deliver their clean, folded laundry within the following 24-hour drop-off window. Like magic!

washrs provide a wash, dry, fold/hang, and delivery service for our members so they can have time to, well, do anything other than laundry!

That is up to you! You have the ability to claim your orders, meaning you only have to drive as far as you feel comfortable. Our app allows you to set driving preferences in a 5 – 30 mile radius.
Nope! Members and washrs alike love our contactless service, where order processing is all done through an app and the bags are already available at the door for pickup! 

None! Members are made aware that their loads should be sent fully ready to wash. That means that each bag is fully processed (washed, dried, folded, & repacked) as one single load, regardless of the contents. Members are expected to sort (or not, we don’t judge), pre-treat stains, and check their pockets prior to submitting their loads.

Any pocket treasures you find in their order should be returned back to the member. You can either put them in the detergent pouch or place them right on top of the freshly folded laundry. 

Each of our hamprs are designed to hold up to 4.2 cubic feet of laundry, a typical full load. Check your washing machines’ model number which will provide you with the size of your machine. If your washing machine is less than 4.2 cubic ft, this may not be the side gig for you as you’ll need to do multiple loads for a single hampr.

Supplies require include:

  • unscented, free-and-clear detergent
  • Gain original scent detergent for Upgraded orders
  • 13-gallon unscented kitchen bags


We recommend using blue recycling bags however white or clear are acceptable as long as they’re unscented!

Members may decide to include their own detergent or other supplies for their orders – these choices will be indicated on their orders.  

Our team is dedicated to making your washr life a happy & successful one! 

As a washr you’ll gain access to resources such as a detailed washr handbook, educational videos to teach you all-things-hampr, a dedicated support team available through live-chat, and access to an online community of experienced washrs to gain support and tips for success.

Our washrs are paid 70% of our standard market rate* per load via weekly direct deposit. washrs will also earn additional fees for orders with less than 4 hamprs, orders with upgraded detergent, and will keep 100% of all customer tips! 

*Prices per load are dependent on the market location. You can find the current market rate for your area by searching for your address on the homepage.

Our washrs enjoy weekly payouts that are deposited directly into your bank account each Friday. Cha-ching!

Though our standard detergent is an unscented, free-and-clear option, our members occasionally send their own detergent, pods, and fabric softener or may choose to pay for our Upgraded scented detergent option. Due to this, our hampr washrs may come into contact with all types of detergents and fabric softeners. hampr members may also have pets that may affect you or a family member’s allergies. 

If you’re concerned that these items may affect you or your family, this may not be the gig for you.

At hampr, we require all our washrs to be non-smokers (cigarettes, marijuana, e-cigarettes/vapes) to ensure the highest level of cleanliness for our customers’ laundry. Smoke odors can permeate fabrics and affect the hamprs and their contents. If a member reports a smoke odor, we offer a rewash with a different washr. If we confirm a smoke scent, the original washr will not be paid for the order, and their account will be closed. Yikes! 

If you or someone in your household smokes, we regretfully cannot consider you for a hampr washr position.

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