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The never-ending chore of laundry is always hanging overhead for most adults. You never feel caught up; it takes up a lot of your day, and once you do it, you have to start all over again. This is even worse if you have kids. Little clothes take all day to wash, dry, and fold. Between work, cleaning, cooking, shopping, and everything else that has to get done over the week, laundry can feel impossible. More and more people are looking for ways to outsource this chore that won’t break the bank. There are several options when it comes to your laundry service. In this article, we’re going to look at hampr vs. Loopie to see which laundry service is the best option for you.


One of the main concerns when it comes to using a laundry service is the cost. It’s no secret that life is expensive right now. Many people can’t afford extra bills. Loopie charges by the bag for your laundry. hampr’s pricing is transparent and right up front – a flat price per load. hampr’s affordable pricing (plus the incredible care we provide) can’t be beat. 

Membership Options

Loopie doesn’t offer any memberships at this time. hampr provides two options. The first is hampr Lite, a no-commitment option where you only use it when you need it. The second is hampr Loaded which costs only $39 per year. Plus, you can cancel anytime you want!

On top of that, you get 2 convenient hamprs and access to customizable preferences and features. For people who use their laundry service regularly, the hampr Loaded membership is a no-brainer for the features alone! You can also get same-day service in some areas, which is great for when you’re in a pinch. 

Special Requests

Loopie allows you to make special requests on a notecard on your duffel bag. With hampr if you want to buy a convenient hampr, it comes with a QR code assigned to it. Through the app, you use this QR code to set your preferences for wash and dry temperature or any other requests you might have. If you don’t want to buy a hampr, no problem! Just generate a QR code through the app so your washr can take the best care of your clothes. This reduces the risk of mixing up bags significantly.

hamprs and Bags

With Loopie, they give you two duffel bags to put your laundry in. With hampr, you can leave your clothes out in a disposable bag. If you prefer, you can buy a specially made hampr. As mentioned above, this comes with a QR code to help your washr keep track of your things. These eco-friendly, dual zipper, pop-up hamprs are specially designed with an antimicrobial layer that kills microorganisms so your hampr won’t become a breeding ground for bacteria. Your clothes will be returned clean and nicely folded back in the same hampr.

Customer Support

hampr’s customer support team is second to none. Loopie offers support by email or phone. With hampr, you can connect with a real person through the app, website chat box, or DMs on social media. Instead of getting stuck in a loop with a chatbot, you can get your concerns or issues addressed quickly by a member of our incredible customer support team! 

Keeping your family’s clothes clean and in good condition is important, right? And who wants to spend their free time doing laundry? That’s where hampr comes in! We’ll take care of all your laundry needs, so you can focus on the things you love. Our prices are unbeatable, and our service is second to none. So why wait? Sign up for hampr today and start enjoying the benefits of clean clothes without the hassle!

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