Laundry in space: How do astronauts keep their clothes clean?

Laundry in space

Greetings Earthling,

We know doing laundry can be a real pain in the asteroid, but have you ever wondered how astronauts keep their clothes clean in space?

With no gravity and limited water, washing clothes can get pretty tricky up there, but fear not – the brave men and women aboard the International Space Station (ISS) have found a way to blast off the stains!

Cleaning clothes in space is quite different from the way we do it down here. Astronauts use a special type of soap that doesn’t require water to clean. They apply the soap directly to the dirty spots and then rub the fabric together to work it in. It’s like a space-age version of rubbing sticks together to make fire! ????????

But what about drying clothes? In space, there’s no sun or wind to help dry clothes, so astronauts have to rely on some high-tech solutions. They use a vacuum cleaner-like contraption to suck out all the moisture from the clothes. It’s like a cosmic spin cycle! ☄️

We know laundry can be a real black hole of time and energy, astronauts on the ISS have found a way to make it work, even in space.

But, we’re not in space. ????

And you don’t have to struggle through never-ending laundry cycles, or folding 97 items of clothing (iykyk)…

Don’t wait for a meteor to strike – hampr has you covered

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