Laurel’s Feb Favorites 🩷

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I know I may be jinxing things but isn’t 2024 off to a great start? January is ~ finally ~ over, Taylor Swift surprised us all by announcing a new album and Vanderpump Rules is back. What a time to be alive. 

Here are some things I’m loving right now!

Things That are Making My Life:

Pillow Cube – Are you a side sleeper? Let me change your life. I promise I’m not being dramatic. I’m a flipper – I rotate like a rotisserie chicken all night from my side to my back and all around again. And I almost always wake up with my neck out of whack or my arm asleep because I was laying on it wrong. 

A co-worker mentioned this pillow to me and, at the time, I was so desperate for a good night’s sleep that I ordered it on the spot. I will be honest – I didn’t have high hopes. It looked like just a normal, memory foam pillow – BUT OH IT’S NOT. It keeps my head properly aligned so the pressure is off my neck AND arm as I sleep on my side. It is even comfortable if I’m on my back. I’m lowkey obsessed and the only bad thing about this pillow is that I don’t have it when I travel because now I’m ruined for other pillows. 

Mob Wife Nails – Have you seen this trend on TikTok? Blood red longer nails are in and short neutral nails are apparently out. I am loving the look but hating the way it impacts my ability to type (creating this email is taking way longer than it needs to be with my nails striking the wrong keys). I have teeny tiny baby nailbeds so I’m thrilled at this change of trends and will ride this wave as long as possible. 

What I’m Looking Forward to: 

We recently launched a commercial side to the business – helping small to medium-sized businesses with their laundry needs. And holy cow – I thought I knew but honestly had no idea just how big of a pain point this way for business owners. The existing services in the market are inflexible and don’t have a great quality – both things hampr knows how to do really well. 

We are starting to see things come together and I am loving how this side of the business is furthering our mission of helping people alleviate the mental load (for both our customers and our washrs). I am excited to see how this will evolve and I’m grateful we are finding even more ways to provide additional income opportunities for our amazing washrs within their communities.

So what should you do this month instead of laundry? Well, you can join me in patiently waiting for Taylor and Beyonce’s new albums! 

Till next month! 


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