When Are the Best Times to Use a Laundry Service Like hampr?

Apr 1, 2022 | hampr News & Tips, Laundry Tips

So now you’re a proud member of the hampr club. Welcome to the sweet life!  But did you know that hampr can help in more ways than just laundry loads? Yup—we’re talking about the dreaded MENTAL load. Read on to find out how hampr can make your whole life easier, one spin cycle at a time.


You know what sucks about vacation? Coming home to all that post-vacay laundry. You’re all relaxed and refreshed until you start unpacking and realize that your stress level is about as high as the pile of dirty clothes. Fear not—hampr is here to pop another umbrella in your metaphorical (or literal) drink and whisk your laundry worries away! The trick is to pack your empty hamprs with your luggage, and use them throughout the trip to collect your castoffs, rather than using the teensy-weensy hotel dry cleaning bag. Then, on the way home, you can schedule your pickup so your hamprs go straight from vacay to your washr—then back to you, all clean and folded like a dream! Almost like a second vacation… almost.


Sometimes life throws us a not-so-fun curveball and we find ourselves in a hospital situation, after which usually comes a recovery period of some extent. Don’t let laundry hinder your healing! Use hampr to get those post-op loads taken care of so you can focus on healing. This also makes a GREAT alternative to the meal trains that pop up when a coworker or loved one is hospitalized. Go against the grain and give them something they need more than a casserole!


Having guests arrive from out of town? Fabulous! Until you remember all the work that comes with having overnight guests in your home. Towels, linens, AND sheets… oh my! Prep for their arrival with a hampr pickup of all those most-used guest items, and then do the same when their stay is over. Bonus points for putting a hampr in the guest bedroom and/or bathroom to have them deposit their used linens directly!


Sometimes, it can be hard to figure out how to wash or dry certain fabrics. Don’t risk the integrity of your precious garments (and the brain space to worry about them) when you have on-demand professionals at your fingertips. With hampr, you no longer have to worry about your delicate fabrics coming out unraveled, faded, or shrunken. Our washrs know how important it is to sustain materials, and we offer a list of instructions in our app so your clothes are washed just right. Not too hot, not too cold, not too tumble-dried…just fresh and folded to perfection. We highly recommend putting your trust in those who can enhance the longevity of your clothing!

(Please note that we are NOT called dry cleanr for a reason—sometimes, your very special specialty garments will need professional dry cleaning services instead of the traditional laundered services hampr can provide.)


We get it—life can get in the way sometimes. We just don’t have the time to dedicate to the laundry. The beauty of hampr’s on-demand laundry service is that we make it easy for you to complete your other tedious chores on your schedule—while giving you back your valuable time that would otherwise be spent washing, drying, and folding. Our dedicated washrs will quickly pick up and drop off your laundry when it’s convenient for you. The days of stressing about whether your pile of laundry will be there waiting for you can be a thing of the past! 


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