Give Santa the Night Off: 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for a Laundry-Free Holiday

christmas gifts

Sure, you can appreciate the hand-knit sweaters from Grandma, the high thread-count sheets from your rich aunt, and even the no-nonsense 3-pack of socks from Mom. But the joy only lasts for a few moments before that little voice inside your head starts ticking off all the extra laundry you’ll have to do to keep those items in pristine condition. You can’t help but already count the hours you’ll have to toil away in the laundry room to get them clean and stain-free.

But hey, not this year.

This year is different because we’ve got your back with a list of Christmas gift ideas that don’t require a trip to the laundry room. Sit back, relax, and take a literal load off!


Containing the Holiday Madness with the 5 Gift Rule

If you haven’t heard about it before, the 5 Gift Rule is a system that helps to corral the Christmas gift-giving madness by limiting the number of gifts each person receives to five:

  1. One gift they want – This is where you pull out all the stops. It’s the one gift on the list that they’ve been hinting at for months, or even years. Game consoles, designer purses, and that new set of golf clubs they’ve been eyeing are all fair game here.
  2. One gift they need – Think of items they’d often use for their favorite daily activity, like a higher quality pair of running shoes, or a set of professional quality cookware.
  3. One gift to wear – Clothes, shoes, and jewelry all fall into this category.
  4. One gift to read – Share the gift of knowledge (or escapism) with a new book or magazine subscription. If you’re not sure what they like to read, ask a family member or friend for ideas.
  5. One gift to do – This is where you get creative. Gifts in this category are experiences rather than things. They could be anything from tickets to a concert or a play, to a voucher for a day of spa treatments.


Our Top 5 Family Gift Ideas for Christmas—(Practically) Laundry-Free

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s take a look at some great Christmas gift ideas that won’t add to your laundry pile:


1. The latest gadget they want

Let’s start with the most popular Christmas gift of all: electronics!

The new AirPods Pro is a safe bet for any Apple fan, while the Nintendo Switch is perfect for gamers of all ages. If you’re looking for Christmas ideas for parents, a Fire TV Stick 4K for Dad and a new air fryer for Mom would make a great gift combo.


2. A pen and paper they need

Yes, we know—it doesn’t sound very exciting.

A nice journal and a set of good-quality pens make a great gift for anyone who loves to write, whether for creative purposes or just to keep a daily diary. Kids can learn to express themselves better, and adults can unplug from technology and clear their minds. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who needs a little more calm in their life.

If you’ve been wracking your brain for teacher Christmas gift ideas, this one is sure to be a hit!


3. A sports jersey to wear

Well, it was good while it lasted.

Naturally, avoiding laundry with the “one gift to wear” option isn’t possible. But a new jersey from their favorite sports team is the next best thing! They’ll still need to be washed with cold water, on the Delicate setting, but at least they’ll dry faster than a cotton tee.


4. A book to read

Gifting a book to someone is the perfect way to show that you care about their interests and hobbies.

For example, if your dad is into history, get him a book on the Civil War. If your best friend loves dogs, get her a book about training puppies. And if your little sister is into horses, get her a book about ponies.

Alternatively, you can go the other way and gift books you think they should read.

It can be a bit of a high-risk, high-reward situation. But that’s exactly what makes it so exciting: there are few greater gifts than introducing someone to a book that they end up loving!


5. A day at the spa to experience

Christmas gift ideas for your mom don’t get much better than this!

A day of pampering at the spa is the perfect way to show her how much you appreciate all she does for you. She can enjoy a massage, a facial, and any other treatments she likes.

Splurging on a group package so she can bring your dad or a friend along would make this gift even more special!

Try to get a sense of what kind of spa treatments she enjoys before you book anything, though.

Some treatments are a bit “out there” for some people (like the fish pedicure, where tiny fish eat the dead skin off your feet!) so it’s best to check with her first.


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