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Dec 1, 2021 | hampr News & Tips, Laundry Tips

Your laundry list just got a whole lot shorter! 

Some products and services are convenient, and some are game changers. Joining the ranks of auto ship and dry shampoo is hampr, your new personal laundry service. We are so excited to introduce you to life without laundry. 

The magic begins just after creating your membership on the hampr app. In less than a week, you will receive your welcome kit with four pop-up hamprs, instructions and QR codes. Each of your four antimicrobial hamprs will have a unique QR code which you will setup with your laundry preferences through the app. If this sounds complicated, no worries! The app takes you through the process step by step. Once your package comes in, you’re ready to start livin’ la vida laundry free! 


We Wash Like You Would

It’s still your laundry done your way, we just handle the dirty work. From temperatures to detergents—each load can be customized so your laundry is done exactly the way you like it. hamprs are sorted by load so you get to choose whether your clothes are sorted by family member, color, detergent preference or soil leveljust to make sure that ripe sportswear is kept clear of your delicates. Load up all the details about your laundry into the app and your washr will wash each load according to your specifications, returning them fresh, clean and folded. 


  • Our standard detergent – Dropps is an eco-friendly, chemical-free laundry pod that’s gentle on even the most sensitive skin. If you’d like to include your own detergent pod or dryer sheet instead, place it in the interior pocket of your hampr and make a note of your preferences in the app. 
  • Customization options – If you need any clothing returned on hangers, you’re able to note this preference in the “Notes” section of the ordering process. Just be sure to provide your own hangers in your hampr bags upon pickup, and the items you’ve identified will be returned on hangers accordingly. 
  • 1 hampr = 1 load – When filling your hamprs, be careful not to overstuff your loads. Not only does overstuffing prevent your clothes from being cleaned well, it also forces your washr to do extra loads without getting compensated for their extra work. Because of this, washrs are encouraged to refuse orders with overstuffed hamprs. To prevent overstuffing, we recommend leaving some space at the top of your hampr bag. 


Out of Sight, Out of Mind

After your laundry is sorted and placed in your hamprs, it’s time to send them on their way! In your hampr app you’ll be able to schedule your laundry pick-up, delivery and washing preferences all on your schedule.


  • You’re in charge – From temperatures to detergents—each load can be customized so your laundry is done exactly the way you like it. We’ll even keep you in the loop throughout the entire hampr process via text message notifications. 
  • Schedule any day of the week – Any day can be laundry day with hampr. Once your laundry is sorted and hamprs are filled, you’re ready to schedule a time window for your laundry to be picked up and delivered—Morning, Lunch, or Evening. 
  • Contactless pickup – Decide on the pick-up option that works for you. hampr doesn’t require you to be present for pickups or deliveries, so you’re free to leave your hamprs on your porch or nearby as long as you leave specific pick-up instructions in the app when you place your order. If you prefer hand-off pick-up and delivery, feel free to bring your hamprs to work with you and detail the procedure in the app. Fair warning, your coworkers may be a little jealous.
  • Next day turnaround – Yes, really! The same laundry that can take 8-10 business days at home can be picked up, washed, sorted and returned to you the next day in the same time window as your previous day pick up. If you want to take 8-10 days to put them away, that’s on you. 
  • Professional handling – Your laundry has never looked so good. All of our washrs are trained to fold your laundry “the hampr way,” using tips and tricks from major retailers to minimize wrinkles when folding. We’re talking crisp wrinkle-free folded edges and matching seams. These pros have even mastered the dreaded fitted sheet. 
  • We LOVE feedback – After your hamprs are returned, tell us about your experience in the app! You’ll be able to rate and tip your washr, leave comments, and even ‘favorite’ them for next time if you like their laundry style! Having a favorite washr is kind of like having a pen pal, but with laundry. 


hampr Means Quality


  • Handled with care – hampr is not a laundromat, it’s a personalized service designed for your convenience. Your clothes will not be sent to a central processing facility, passing through multiple hands with no attention to detail and plenty of opportunities for error. With hampr, your laundry is handled with care by one trained washr with your specific laundry specifications.  
  • Quality service you can trust – Each of our washrs undergoes a thorough background check upon hiring, and we check to ensure that their equipment is up to our standards to ensure you receive the same quality of service each time you place an order. 
  • Flat-rate pricing – Weighing laundry is dumb. Enjoy no-nonsense pricing based per load—not pounds. 1 hampr = 1 load. It’s stupid easy!


Any questions? Contact our customer support team directly in the hampr app. We look forward to taking a load off of you! 

* Delivery and pick-up of hampr bags is absolutely free; however, a service fee of $2.99 is charged for orders of 3 hamprs or less. If you have 4 or more loads, this service fee is waived. 

**If the washr arrives and your bag is overstuffed, they reserve the right to refuse your order. IF this happens, you’ll be charged a $2.99 cancelation fee. 

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