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Picture it.

You’ve just gotten back from vacation.

Or work.

Or from running the littles from dance to baseball to fast food and back.

You’re tired. You’re stressed. You’re hungry. You’re sweating both physically and mentally about everything you still need to get done. Bills gotta get paid, floors need to be swept, pets need to be let out…

And there it is.

The pile of laundry. Piles, even. 

What’s the next move?

Do you burn it all? Buy new clothes and never see these again? Join a nudist colony?

Nah. You just need hampr. (That’s us!)

Welcome to the future of laundry! Created by Laurel, a busy mom that had enough of the dirty clothes struggle, this on-demand, wash-and-fold laundry service exists to make your life easier and get back more time to do the things you actually love.

What sounded like a crazy idea, and being faced with questions like “Can’t you just do your own laundry at home? Or a laundromat?”, hampr has slowly but surely built the case for outsourcing laundry. After all, at one time it was crazy to think of Shipt, DoorDash, or Uber existing. Your groceries, dinner, or YOURSELF in a STRANGER’S CAR?! What would our grandparents think?

But look at you now, you modern marvel of “there’s an app for that.”

We started as a small dream in Lafayette, Louisiana — and can now be found in over 65 markets across the United States. With demand growing across the country — and internationally — it’s safe to say that we’re onto something. Maybe sending out your laundry isn’t as crazy as some people think.

Think of us as Uber, but for your laundry.

Unlike other services, we offer flat-rate, no-nonsense pricing that’s based per load, not pounds. Besides, who wants to weigh their laundry? Not you!

We have a skilled workforce made up of amazing folks who — get this — LOVE to do laundry. Our washrs pick up, wash, dry, fold (or hang, if you provide hangers!) your laundry, then will return it all to you the very next day. And it is all done through an app. Magic.

Here’s the gist:

Score four. When you sign up for a hampr Loaded membership, you’ll get 2 pop-up hamprs. These amazing hamprs are how we are able to offer flat-rate, no-nonsense pricing. 1 hampr = 1 load. No weighing your laundry, no guesswork!

Not a fan of long-term commitment? No problemo. Go hampr Lite and receive the same expert service, but just use your own 13-gal. kitchen bags instead of our hamprs. This plan is pay-as-you-go for you to give hampr a spin before diving all the way in.

Give us 24. Once your hamprs are filled and ready to go, you can place an order in the app for your desired pick-up & return window. A washr will pick up the hamprs and deliver them back within your 24-hour window — fresh AND folded. (Bonus: Some markets have SAME DAY DELIVERY. Lightning fast freshness? Yes please.)

No mixing & matching here. Your clothes stay with your clothes. Our expert washrs wash, dry, and fold laundry by the hampr — which means your clothes (and only YOUR clothes) stick together. It’s the exact opposite of a central processing facility where clothes are tagged and washed with other customers’ clothes — EWWW.

Tell us what you want, what you really, really want. Whether you have a favorite detergent or prefer a certain temperature, you can customize your exact washing preferences in our app. Want your clothes put on hangers? We’ve got you, boo. Just send hangers along with your order, and let us know what needs to be put on ‘em.

You’ll love our laundry dream team. Our washr team is unrivaled and comprised of laundry MVPs. Our high standard of quality, thorough vetting process, and strict rating system ensure that we only have the best of the best handling your laundry. #SquadGoals

We protect the things you love. In the rare case that an item of clothing is missing or damaged, we’ll work with you to ensure that we make it right. We’ll keep those favorite jeans safe — we promise.

Need some buy-in? Find out why Google Play ranked us as one of the TOP 150 apps to watch, and why national publications are so fascinated by our dual-sided marketplace.

Stop reading. JOIN US. Download the hampr app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today, and start living your best laundry-free life.

You do you. We’ll do your laundry. Welcome to hampr ????

Curious about how we make this laundry magic happen? Chat with us in the app or email us at today.

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