How to Wash a Jersey Like the Pro Your Children Think You Are


Remember your kid’s first big win? That little chest all puffed out with pride, thinking they were the next big thing? And you wanted to capture that moment forever, so you proudly took a picture. Only to realize later that their white jersey was just a little more yellow than it should have been.

It would have been the perfect moment—if only you knew how to wash a baseball uniform properly!

But don’t worry.

Your kids don’t have to know that you don’t have superpowers just yet. They’ll have to wait until college for that little bombshell!

In the meantime, we’ll let you in on a few laundry secrets on how to wash a jersey so you can keep up the illusion a little while longer!


How to Wash a Sports Jersey

Whether you’re trying to learn how to wash a hockey jersey, how to wash a football jersey, or how to wash a basketball jersey, the process remains pretty much the same.

Let’s go over some tips you can use if you want to know how to wash athletic clothes in general.


Always read the label

Don’t risk your kid blaming you for missing that final shot because their lucky jersey got ruined in the wash. Always look for the care instructions. After all, there’s no better place to get the most accurate information on how to wash a jersey一or any type of clothes for that matter一than the label.

Generally speaking, sports jerseys are washed, not dry-cleaned. But there may be an exception or two, so it’s always best to double-check just to be sure.


Pre-treat any stains

No matter how vehemently your little superstar promises that there will be no stains on their jersey later, you can count on two or three by the time they come bounding through the door, proclaiming victory. They will swear up and down that those stains weren’t there when they left — but, hey, to reach the top you’ve got to have a little dirt on your sleeves, right?

Pre-treating the stains as soon as possible is key to getting them out. Otherwise, they will have time to set and become much harder to remove.

Here’s how to get stains out of a white jersey:

  • Use a spray bottle to saturate the stained area with cold water.
  • Apply a stain-removing pre-treatment, such as white vinegar, shampoo, or baking soda, to the area and let it sit for about 15-30 minutes to break down the stain.
  • With a sponge or toothbrush, work the pre-treatment into the fabric, using circular motions until the stain is as light as possible, before washing it as usual.


For colored jerseys, the process is the same, except you’ll have to be a bit more careful about messing with the color of the fabric. We recommend a solution of 2 parts baking soda, 1 part hydrogen peroxide, and 1 part dish soap as a color-safe alternative.


Turn the jersey inside-out before washing

What’s the point of scoring a game-winning goal when no one can read your jersey?

To keep the words and logos from fading, always turn jerseys inside-out before you wash them. This is an especially important step in washing a soccer jersey or any other jersey that has patches, as it will help keep them from peeling off.


Use cold water and a mild detergent

Don’t even think about using hot water on your kid’s jersey!

You might see your kid as Hercules or Wonder Woman, but you don’t want them running around the field constrained by a too-tight jersey that looks more like a superhero costume than functional clothing.

Wash all jerseys on the delicate or gentle cycle in cold water, using a mild laundry detergent—preferably one that’s designed for activewear or color-safe for colored jerseys.


Use white vinegar to banish odors

If your kid is any good at the court, you can bet their jersey will smell quite ripe by the end of every practice, scrimmage, or game. Don’t even get us started on school clothes.

While you’re proud of all the effort they put in to get better at their sport, that doesn’t mean you want everyone to know it by the way their jersey smells.

White vinegar is what you’re looking for! Just pour in one cup of vinegar before your laundry detergent during the wash cycle and it will help get rid of any sweat or other odors.


Wash jerseys with other activewear

Now it’s time to wash the jerseys. Always try to wash them with other activewear to avoid potential damage or lint buildup. If you’re in a rush, a laundry mesh bag designed for delicates can help protect them.


Hang to dry or lay flat to dry—never put it in the dryer!

Don’t overthink it: The best way to dry a jersey is the old-fashioned way—by hanging it up or laying it flat to air-dry.

The heat from a dryer is bad news to all the hard work you put into getting the jersey clean and will cause it to shrink, fade, and generally fall apart much faster.

Even if your kid may not be the next LeBron James or Lionel Messi, that doesn’t mean they can’t look the part.

Learning to wash workout clothes like jerseys shows them you want them to succeed.

Who knows? That may just be what they need to go pro and achieve their dream of playing in the big leagues!


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