Laundry Basket Dos and Don’ts: Don’t Just Dunk It!

A laundry basket filled with shoes

While we’re card-carrying members of the Laundry Haters Club, we can’t help but feel some sympathy for laundry baskets. At least washing machines and dryers are easy to hate—they won’t say anything but we know they secretly love every bit of our attention, however negative.

But laundry baskets? They’re just…there. It’s hard to find anyone with an opinion on them one way or another. Sure, the men in your life love pretending to be LeBron and dunking their clothes into them, but that’s about as far as that love affair goes.

Laundry baskets deserve better.

In this article, we’ll teach you a little something about these underappreciated stalwarts of the laundry room and show you how to use them to your best advantage. Hopefully, that gives them something to brag about the next time your snooty washing machine starts bragging about all the attention it gets!

Let’s dive in!


What are Laundry Baskets Even Good For?

Let’s start with the basics.

At its core, a laundry basket is simply a receptacle. Resembling a large, round basket, it’s most commonly used to store clothes until they’re ready to be laundered.

While you can use a hamper without a lid to do this, laundry baskets have some distinct advantages from a functionality standpoint.

For one thing, they’re typically made of materials that allow clothes to breathe. A wicker laundry basket, for instance, has tiny gaps that allow air to circulate, preventing your clothes from getting musty or moldy.

Laundry baskets also tend to be roomier than other storage options, giving you more space to pile your clothes. And if you choose a laundry basket on wheels, you can easily transport it from your bedroom to the laundry room without having to lug a heavy load.

A laundry basket may not be a necessity if you’re living alone in a studio apartment. But if you have a family or share your space with roommates, it’s an essential part of keeping your laundry routine organized.


The Many Types of Laundry Baskets

A confession: the first time we tried shopping for a laundry basket, we looked like a fool.

And you will too if you go right up to the store attendant and ask for a laundry basket with no further clarification.

That’s because there are all sorts of different types of laundry baskets, each designed for a specific purpose. Here are some of the most popular options:

  • Collapsible laundry basket – As the name suggests, this type of laundry basket can be easily collapsed when not in use. That makes it a great option if you’re short on storage space.
  • Laundry hamper – A laundry hamper is typically made of cloth or canvas and can be wheeled from one room to another.
  • Double laundry hamper – The same as a laundry hamper but with two compartments, which is ideal if you want to sort your clothes as you’re putting them away. A great choice if you segregate lights from darks or want to wash new sheets separately from the rest of your laundry.
  • Laundry sorter hamper – Now we’re getting into the fancy stuff! A laundry sorter hamper has multiple compartments, each for a different type of clothing. So you might have one compartment for darks, another for lights, and a third for delicate items. This is a great choice if you have a large family and lots of laundry to deal with.


Commanding Your Laundry Baskets’ Respect

If you’re like us, the first time you brought your laundry basket home, you were all like, “Yes! I am an adult who owns a laundry basket!”

But then reality set in and you realized that having a laundry basket doesn’t make doing laundry any less of a pain. It just gives you another thing to trip over when you’re running late for work in the morning.

If your relationship with your laundry basket has soured, here are a few tips for getting things back on track:


Do give it its special nook

Make sure your laundry basket has a designated spot in your home, preferably near the door that leads to the laundry room. That way, you won’t have to go searching for it when it’s time to do laundry.


Do get a laundry basket organizer

If you have a small home, you might want to invest in a laundry basket organizer. This nifty device allows you to store multiple laundry baskets in one place, saving you valuable floor space.


Do make it easy to move

As we mentioned earlier, many laundry baskets come with wheels. If yours doesn’t, consider attaching some caster wheels to the bottom. That way, you can easily move it from one room to another.


Do choose the right size

There’s no right or wrong. We believe a large laundry basket is best because it means we don’t have to go back and forth to the laundry room as often. A small laundry basket is better if you’re short on storage space, though.


Don’t forget about the lids!

If you have kids or pets, a laundry basket with a lid is a must. You don’t want Fido getting into your dirty laundry or little Timmy using your clean laundry as a fort.


Don’t be afraid to stock up

If you’re new to the laundry game, you might think one or two laundry baskets are enough. But we’re telling you, it’s better to have too many than not enough.

Do you have to wash new sheets? Clothes that need to be dry cleaned? Clothes that cannot be washed in anything but cold water?

You’ll be glad you have a separate laundry basket for each load when it comes time to do the actual laundry. Washing clothes is hard enough without having to sort through a pile of dirty laundry first.


Don’t worry about just laying about and doing nothing

Laundry baskets double as great storage containers for things like blankets, pillows, and out-of-season clothes. And if you have kids, they make great toy bins!


Laundry Baskets Not Giving You the Respect You Deserve?

Maybe it’s time to call the professionals.

We at hampr know all about these little devils. We’ve been watching them for years, and we know their every move.

We know how to use every ounce of their powers to give you clean sheets, clothes that smell great, linens that practically fold themselves, and a home that’s free of laundry basket clutter. And with our flat-rate pricing and next-day deliveries that work around your schedule, you’ll never have to lift a finger—or a laundry basket—again.

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